Kelsie Perler

Digital Marketing Assistant
Results Delivery, Strategy, Transformation
15 Years

Kelsie Perler

Digital Marketing Assistant


Kelsie Perler

Position: Digital Marketing Assistant

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Kelsie returned to Perler Financial Group in 2019 with several years of experience working in the healthcare industry. With a strong passion for digital marketing, she has since completed certificates in both digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Kelsie uses her skillset to provide SEO maintenance to the Perler Wealth website, create and distribute digital content, as well as perform edits to Perler Wealth’s videos and podcasts. As the digital world continues to expand and evolve, Kelsie ensures Perler Wealth’s digital presence stays aligned with the modern times and technologies. With her positive attitude and attention to detail, Kelsie makes a valuable asset to the Perler Wealth team.

Kelsie loves being a mom to her son and spending time with her family.

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