The Perler Wealth Management Process

The Perler Wealth Management Process was developed and perfected by our founding advisor Harry Perler over the last 30+ years. The Perler Wealth Management Process is our holistic approach to financial planning. We believe in individually tailored planning to help you and your family manage your finances during each stage of your life and reach your financial goals in the most tax and cost-effective way.

Financial Planning Process
Our Financial Planning Process

Harry and David focus on you and your individual goals and needs when creating your personalized financial plan.

Assemble Financial Background
We collect your relevant financial data such as, assets and liabilities, tax returns, investment statements, insurance policies, wills, and pension plans to determine where you are currently financially positioned.
Understand Personal & Financial Goals
We learn from you what your financial and personal goals are. Your goals may include providing for your children’s education, supporting elderly parents, or saving for retirement.
Identify Problems & Opportunities
We analyze your current situation to identify any problems that may create barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals.
Provide Recommendations and Alternative Solutions
We provide specific and actionable recommendations to help you meet your financial goals.
Implement a Strategy
We implement the strategy and monitor your progress.
Provide Reviews and Revisions
We update your financial plan regularly and revise your strategies as you progress through life.

I absolutely love this company and would recommend it to anyone looking for financial opportunities and more.

Joie Kotylak, Retired Registered Nurse

Build Your Future
Becoming a Client

This is the approach we’ll follow to help you keep the financial promises you’ve made to yourself and your family.


  • Introductory meeting to get to know each other.
  • Meet to discuss individual, family, business goals and objectives.
  • Get to know you and what is important to you and your family.
  • Review existing investments and insurance protection.
  • Discuss fee structure.


  • Explore potential solutions and alternatives.
  • Create customized financial plans to show you the most tax and cost-effective way of reaching your goals.
  • Summarize proposal and recommendations.


  • Present comprehensive financial plan and recommendations.
  • Establish ongoing service level commitment.


  • Open investment accounts and transfer in existing accounts.
  • Complete product applications for any insurance needs.
  • Adjust proposals and plans as necessary.
  • Engage your accountant, lawyer, and estate professionals for ancillary planning.

I’ve been a client of Harry’s company for over 20 years. Harry, David, and the staff are the best. They treat you like a long-time friend. He has given me some very solid returns over the years.

Kevin Augustine, Retiree

Referral Services

As part of the wealth management process, after reviewing your investment needs and objectives, your advisors Harry Perler and David Olejnik may refer you to other professionals for additional services including access to registered portfolio managers.

At present, Worldsource has a referral arrangement with Guardian Capital Advisors LP.

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